Prep meals with expert chefs using our smart cutting board with a removable digital display

Join a digital community of foodies!

With BLOK’s embedded digital display and beautiful wood prep surface, you’ll learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals via live and on-demand cooking classes led by expert chefs while interacting with friends and family.

And it’s all from the comfort of your own kitchen!


Choose from a library of fun, high-energy live and on-demand cooking classes led by expert chefs that fit your nutrition and dietary needs.


Our super sleek digital display is where you’ll be able to watch video content, interact with friends and family socially, and follow along with recipes.

Even when BLOK is turned off, its chic design will make you want to leave it out on your counter for all to see.

Worried about getting it messy and wet? No problem. BLOK’s digital display is waterproof.


Prep your ingredients on the high-quality dark walnut wood cutting board while streaming cooking classes and engaging with your friends on the digital display. When you’re done cooking, simply remove the digital display from the cutting board for easy cleaning.


The docking station includes speakers to stream the audio portion of your cooking classes, and a camera and a microphone to share and engage with your family and friends. 

Once you’ve prepped all your ingredients, put BLOK on the dock so you can move throughout the kitchen while following the chef’s instructions and engaging with family and friends.

Plus, it has a wireless charger to ensure your BLOK is always fully charged!


All of the digital components in BLOK’s cutting board and docking station are controlled by an app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android!

Plus, if you’re too busy to hit the grocery store before your class, you can order all of the ingredients in our app and get your groceries delivered right to your home with a variety of grocery delivery services.


High-energy, engaging live and on-demand cooking classes so you can prepare delicious meals in just 30 minutes!

Now available for pre-order!